How the application process works

1. New members typically contact us through our website, email or through word of mouth. We try to get back to applicants within the course of a week. 

2. We speak to new members before they join to explain our values and to understand a bit more of who they are. At this stage we would give an indication as to whether we have availability for the applicant based on the number & type of memberships requested, as well as consideration of the guidelines outlined below:

  • We look to support freelancers, start-ups or social enterprises, particularly those from our local area, who might otherwise end up working in isolation and who would benefit from working in a collaborative community. Typically groups applying have less than five members.

  • It's important to us that applicants understand our language of community, we want to cultivate a collaborative, creative environment where people can work together, share ideas, bond together over cups of coffee and lunch, and share in the running of the space. Members understand that the way we keep memberships affordable is because we run an at-cost model, we don't have full time cleaners or receptionists, which is why members get stuck in to keep the place clean and keep the gears of the space running.

  • It's because we want to foster an inclusive working environment that we would prefer not to have applicants in industries that support gambling, pornography or weaponry, or any other industry that might have a detrimental impact to more vulnerable members of the community or local area. We also want to support creative industries, as creatives tend to be the first people impacted from high costs of living in an expensive city.

  • When bringing new members into the community, we want to be made aware of any conflicts that might exist - if we are made aware of any, we will check with existing members as to whether the conflict is resolvable or might have a negative impact on the working environment. Equally, it's important to us that applicants fit into the rhythms of the space - this means we would not expect new members to have a destructive impact on these rhythms. We have a duty of care to support existing members of the community before accepting new applicants.

3. The next thing that happens is an induction day is arranged where we show new joiners around, during which we typically have a chat over a coffee to find out more about each other, explain the house rules and answer any questions that they might have. Applicants are encouraged to have a trial day at ARK (on the house!) to see if it is the right fit for them. 

4. At this point, we would chat about the practicalities with moving in, including move-in date and signing our office agreement. 

5. We monitor the community on an on-gong basis, we're not trying to be big brother, but rather want to ensure our arrangement continues to work for all parties, including other members of the community. 

Member's Terms & Conditions

On joining the community you will end up signing our office agreement, the latest version of which is included here - and By using the space you continue to abide by these rules. 

Any Questions?

Should you have any questions regarding either the application process or our house rules, please do drop us a line at