Our members' values


We think people work best in community. Our members can trust one-another, being open with their business plans and colour palettes,  open to new ideas. 


Ideas come about through conversation and relationship. Beyond just renting a desk, collaboration happens over a falafel thursday lunch, a pour over coffee, or simply a natter with all the other coworkers around you.


ARK coworking is a community where members can innovate. Whether you are a freelancer, a social enterprise, or charity, ARK coworking is a place where creativity flourishes and is celebrated.


Good things happen when people and businesses act in generosity.  ARK runs as a more-than-profit. That means charging membership only to serve our members, with any surplus going to developing the community and supporting local charities.  


Our community pushes the boundaries of innovation - whatever industry our members work in, ARK coworking hosts the leading entrepreneurs in their area of influence.