ARK for Good

There is something really powerful about individuals giving back to their local community.

We want to embed ourselves in our local area, so that as our local area flourishes, our working community also flourishes.

ARK for Good is our way of giving back to our local area, beyond simply the financial, we want to encourage the giving of our members’ time & skills to projects, such as spARK.

Each year, a portion of our income is reserved to go to charities & organisations doing good in our area and who share our values. We would like our community to help us select charities to donate to.

Our inspiration…

In the 19th Century Charles Booth developed a ‘Poverty Map’ (left) which set out to define levels of poverty or wealth in London, street by street, using a colour coded system, ranging from Black referring to the poorest in society, up to Gold for the most privileged.

Ewan David Eason’s Mappa Mundi series (right) takes inspiration from the study of these maps, painting the streets with the sacred and precious quality of Gold.

We’re also inspired by the image of the area we love being turned to Gold, and with that, our hope in ARK for Good is that we can play our small role in changing the colour of the streets around us.