We are committed to regularly engaging with our members and other stakeholders to ensure we continue to uphold a high quality coworking space as well as deliver on our social value. We welcome feedback (positive or constructive!) in person, email or through our Google review portal.


There may be an instance where you feel that specific feedback is necessary regarding the quality of the service provided by ARK. Where this is the case, we have a complaints policy which we adhere to. Complaints are communicated to the board of ARK base C.I.C., which has independent directors that will hold each ARK coworking space to account.

ARK base C.I.C shall consider a complaint from anyone who has been a member of ARK coworking. We shall also consider complaints from representative groups, where the allegation is significant and there is a public interest in our doing so.

Where an individual may otherwise be considered vulnerable or unable to make a complaint, it may be possible to accept a complaint made on their behalf, such as by a relative or carer (subject at all times to establishing their authority to represent the complainant).

If we receive multiple complaints about the same issue or individual we shall usually identify a lead complaint(s) to investigate.