Supplier Diversity and Inclusion Policy Statement



We expect ARK coworking's suppliers to reflect our commitment to sound environmental practice, and encourage them to develop and supply goods and services that help improve our and their environmental performance. In particular we expect our suppliers to:

– Put in place sufficient systems to monitor and take responsibility for environmental performance
– Assess the major negative environmental impacts of their operations
– Set yearly environmental impact reduction targets and objectives, specifically in relation to government best practice specifications and sustainable quick wins
– Regularly monitor and evaluate their performance in relation to their environmental impact reduction targets and objectives
– Make sure that their suppliers and subcontractors measure and put in place systems to reduce their environmental impacts


We aim to be a fully inclusive employer & coworking provider, where we value difference in our people and use these differences to make us a stronger We expect our suppliers to share this commitment and to:

– Fully comply with all e.quality legislation
– Ensure they are actively working towards having a diverse mix of people at all levels of their organisation
– Consider the impact of their policies and practices on different groups in the wider population
– Be committed to creating an inclusive working environment, in which each employee & member is able to fulfil their potential and maximise their contribution.


We also expect our suppliers to make sure that working conditions meet (or exceed) international labour standards:

– There is no forced labour and employment is freely chosen
– The right of freedom of association is respected and encouraged by the employer
– No child labour is used
– Living wages are paid (wages should always be enough to meet basic needs and to provide some discretionary income)
– No harsh treatment is used or discrimination practised
– Workers are not pressurised to undertake overtime they do not wish to do
– A safe and hygienic working environment shall be provided.

We expect our suppliers to:

– Put in place sufficient systems to monitor and take responsibility for compliance with social policies
– Conduct regular assessments of their operations to identify eventual non-compliance cases
– Develop remediation plans to resolve non-compliance cases
– Regularly monitor the effective implementation of remediation plans
– Make sure that their suppliers and subcontractors ensure that workers’ conditions in their operations meet or exceed the above standard.