Questions you may have about spARK

I'm a freelancer, can I apply?

Yes. You don't necessarily need to have a new business idea to apply, but we are looking to support new projects that would otherwise not have a chance to exist unless they could be started in our coworking community.

In doing this, we hope we can measure the impact community has in supporting new ideas. If you have a new project that you're looking to take on as a part of your freelance work that would benefit from 3 months in a coworking community and fits our application criteria, we welcome your application.   

Who makes up the selection panel?

The panel is made up of both members of our coworking community, and representatives from KXC. The panel understands the values which aims to cultivate, and will be assessing each submission based solely on the criteria outlined on our find out more page.

Why link up with a church?

We care about local business - London can be unaffordable to many freelancers, start-ups, social enterprises and charities, often this means that they are the first to leave an area when costs go up, or they end up in coffee shops or bedrooms, the impact of which can be detrimental to people's mental health. We also feel this starves an area of creativity, innovation, employment and community.

We linked in with KXC because they also care about the poorest in our local area, and support projects that alleviate cycles of poverty in our community. Social businesses can be a route to breaking these cycles.

Though spARK is funded by KXC, an applicant's religious belief will not have a bearing on the selection process. We simply aim to support those businesses that make a positive social impact. 

Is this separate to ARK?

Yes & No.

ARK coworking is hosting the spARK programme. Applicants go through the same application process as any regular member of the ARK coworking community.  spARK is funded through the generosity of KXC, and therefore has an additional selection panel that assesses applicants based on various measures they have chosen. 

Is this another incubator!!!

Nope. In fact quite the opposite. 

There are already very well established and successful incubators in London - they tend to serve the big business ideas, seeking to accelerate their scale & profitability.

Great, but we want to serve the smallest ideas that have an impact to our local communities, ideas that may not grow to be big, but still make a very important difference. We want to see ideas that cultivate the expression of our values of creativity, collaboration, community, generosity & excellence. 

ARK is community that gives respite to the ideas that would otherwise get drowned out in our fast & costly city.

What should I do if I'm not successful?

You're still welcome to apply to join the community on one of our standard coworking memberships, with further details on our join us page. 

This is our beta of spARK, if its successful we hope to run the programme again in the future.

My question isn't answered here

Send us your query through the contact us section of our site